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Dikshitar Akhandam @ Ettayapuram

A post on the Akhandam at Ettayapuram, superbly organized by the Sri Purandaradasa Baktha Samajam, Chennai A fact about the Carnatic Music Trinity that is well-known and accepted: Tyagaraja – drAksharasam Syama Sastri – kadali phalam Muthuswami Dikshitar – nArikelam! … Continue reading

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Sathguru Swamiki @ Singapore!

From the crop of disciples that Patnam Subramanya Iyer seems to have had, Mysore Vasudevacharya and Ramanathapuram ‘’Poochi’’ Srinivasa Iyengar have indelibly carved their names in the 20th century composers’ realm of Carnatic music. Apart from being a brilliant, versatile … Continue reading

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Shertalai K.N.Renganatha Sharma @ Music Academy With a high-voltage full-bench stellar team comprising: Violin – T.K.V.Ramanujacharyulu Mridangam – B.Harikumar Ghatam – Trichy S.Krishnaswamy Morsing – Srirangam Kannan ”viyadAdi bhUtakiraNE vinOdacaraNE aruNE’’ I had plenty of take-aways from this great concert … Continue reading

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Rail-fanning Trip: Mandaveli-Park Town-Basin Bridge-Tiruvottiyur-Mandaveli

Note:  I had posted this a few weeks ago as a result of a rail-fanning trip.  For some reason, this post didn’t appear along with the rest of my blog posts and appeared alongside Home and About .  I took … Continue reading

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Double Decker!

Finally got an opportunity to travel by the much maligned and vilified Double Decker from Bangalore City (SBC) to Chennai Central (MAS). Reaching SBC from where I was staying with my in-laws in Bannerghatta Road, was a bit of a … Continue reading

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HFM REWIND – Music, Time & Happiness

“You should definitely join for the next webcast!’’ urged Suresh, calling specifically from Las Vegas to tell me this. I smiled as I recalled previous interactions.  ‘’I sure will!’’ ‘’I’m sure you will really enjoy it and have lots to … Continue reading

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kaddanuvAriki kaddu kaddanImOrAla nIDu!

Trichur Ramachandran’s concert on Saturday, June 24th for Madhuradhwani was easily a class apart and one of the most satisfying of concerts I have heard in recent times.  The veteran had a stellar team comprising virtuosos M.Chandrasekharan on the violin, … Continue reading

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