Mysore Vasudevacharya’s Dwaadashanama Kriti 4

Fourth Name – Govinda


  1. Lord of the worlds (the syllable ‘’go’’ denotes the world)
  2. ‘’go’’ also denotes speech i.e. the words of the Vedas; hence He is one who is discovered or realized through the words of the Vedas
  3. One who gives us the power of speech
  4. Friend of the cows


Details of the kriti: 

mAmavasu gOvinda – rAgA sAmA – rUpaka tALA


P: mAmavAsu gOvinda

kOmala caraNAravinda


A:  sAmajAdinuta mukunda

shyAma rucira cikura brnda


C:  vAsudEva vanaja nayana

bhAsura sharadindu vadana

shrI samEtanata samadhana

bhAsamAna kanaka vasana



mAmavAsu gOvinda – protect me quickly O Govinda!

kOmala caraNAravinda – O one with delicate, lotus-like feet

sAmajAdinuta – O one worshipped by the elephant (Gajendra) and others

mukunda – O giver of liberation

shyAma rucira cikura brnda – dark, beautiful hair (chikura) curls

vAsudEva vanaja nayana – O lotus-eyed Vasudeva

bhAsura sharadindu vadana – with a face shining like the autumn moon

shrI samEtanata samadhana – one who is always with his consort Lakshmi (Sri) and one who is worshipped by rishis would have attained the state of calmness

bhAsamAna kanaka vasana – O one with  a resplendent golden garment


Additional notes:

A very charming kriti in the equally charming raga Sama.  This kriti albeit hardly known, holds its own against perhaps the most popular kriti in Sama – Annapurne Visaalaakshi of Dikshitar.  And also against other compositions like the runaway hit Maanasa Sanchara re, Patnam Subramanya Iyer’s reasonably well-known Maravakave and Tyagaraja’s grand heavy-weight Saantamuleka.

The opening pallavi beginning in the taara sthaayi shadjam is an impassioned appeal to Govinda for protection and that too, with haste!

About Mohan Santhanam

Carnatic vocalist, based in Chennai. Disciple of Late Shri T.R.Subramanyam (TRS).
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2 Responses to Mysore Vasudevacharya’s Dwaadashanama Kriti 4

  1. swarna says:

    can i get notation for mysore vasudevachar’s dwaadasha naama kritis, as i am not talented in notating the lyrics.

    • Dear Swarna,

      The notations are now available in the English in the recently released comprehensive book of Mysore Vasudevacharya’s compositions. The book is titled Vasudeva Kirthana Manjari and is available in the Karnatic Music Book Center in Chennai. I have my own notations but these are in Tamizh script with the saahityams being in devanagari script. Let me know if you need more information.

      Thank you for your request!


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